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        2. CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典

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          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖1)

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖2)

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖3)


          Carrara is known as the "Marble Capital of the World", and the marble quarried from here has become a quality symbol sought after by countless people. And this beautiful small city in north-central Italy, because of its long and profound human history and rich mineral resources, has attracted many artists from all over the world to create here.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖4)


          More than 500 years ago, the world's art master Michelangelo used the marble on the Carrara mountain to create his immortal masterpiece-the statue of David. In order to bring this smart and elegant color into the field of vision of more people, CIELOBLU Art Paint incorporates the deep natural gray into the space, also hoping to satisfy the trendy people's infinite pursuit of taste and art.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖5)

          「卡拉拉大理石」作為大氣與自然兼容的色系,在應用中并不指單純的灰色,而是指某個色系或一組色彩經過調和后,呈現出的低純度色視覺效果?;凡?a href="http://www.51kmjj.cn/" target="_self">藝術涂料的空間設計師們藝術性的將深淺不同的灰色質感墻面與家具、軟裝配飾巧妙融合,營造出大氣時尚的現代空間感受。

          As a color system compatible with atmosphere and nature, "CARRARA GRAY" does not refer to pure gray in application, but refers to the low-purity color visual effect of a certain color system or a group of colors after being reconciled. The space designers of CIELOBLU Art Paint have artistically combined different shades of gray texture walls with furniture and soft fittings to create a stylish and modern space experience.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖6)

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖7)

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖8)


          CIELOBLU "CARRARA GRAY" is also a group of "universal colors" that do not pick colors. Whether it is matched with the achromatic color of black, white and gray, or the passionate collision of red, yellow and blue, it can be controlled like a fish in water. This also gives it more room to play.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖8)


          In the hot summer, the neutral tone of CIELOBLU "CARRARA GRAY" seems to be more eye-catching than the bright and bright colors. It is light and gentle, just like a graceful woman. It is elegant in gestures and exudes amazing lightness everywhere, Luxurious high-end vision.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖10)


          Everything changes, and thousands of sails are exhausted. When the inner appeal of beauty returns to objectivity and calmness, the calm and atmospheric color of CIELOBLU "CARRARA GRAY"  touches our senses again and again. It is not so much due to its inherent low-key and elegance, but rather the quiet temperament of CIELOBLU "CARRARA GRAY" , which just resonates strongly with our desire for quiet inner heart.

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖12)


          In this splendid world, will you be overwhelmed by the color of CIELOBLU "CARRARA GRAY"?

          CIELOBLU | 基路伯「卡拉拉大理石」,永不過時的經典(圖13)


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